Animal Exclusion

Prevent animal intrusion and keep property safe with proven exclusion techniques

This open ridge cap is a favorite entry point for flying squirrels and bats.

Animals are always looking for food and shelter. Let us identify the areas of your home that squirrels, mice and the like use as entry points, and seal them up with effective solutions that blend right in with your decor. A home inspection is a lot cheaper than making repairs made by an intrusive animal.

We’ll be sure to find — and seal —  entry points that an animal could use to gain access. Common animal exclusion techniques include:

  • Chimney: Caps and screens prevent animals from entering the chimney or building nests.
  • Louvers:  We can wire these to prevent re-entry.
  • Exhaust vents: External vents for the dryer or stove are invitations to rodents and bats, who can squeeze through such tiny openings. A grate keeps these openings secure.
  • Porch and decks: Wiring around the base keeps unwelcome guests out of these popular hiding spaces.
  • Sealing entry points for rodents, for example, around pipes, wires, and corner boards.